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Sin and Punishment: Star Successor Brings Bunches of Bullets to Wii

Sin and Punishment was one of the most successful shooters on the Nintendo 64, though it never made it to American shores until it hit the Virtual Console in 2007.  A sequel to the game was released in Japan last fall, and this time, there's no 7 year delay before we can enjoy Treasure's shooter here in the USA.  Next week, in fact, Sin and Punishment: Star Successor hits retail shelves.  We've got an impressive video showing off the intricate gameplay as well as a gallery of screenshots.  Shooter fans will be able to partner up throughout the game, and from the looks of it, they'll need the help to avoid the onslaught of bullets.

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Change On Rails With Sin And Punishment: Star Successor

If there is any one thing the Wii does especially well, it's classic-style on rails shooters. Point the Wii remote at something on the screen, shoot, and the game takes care of the rest. Well, Sin and Punishment: Star Successor thinks you can do better than that. Originally released and well recieved in Japan last year, Star Successor adds an element of character control to your standard on rails shooter.

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