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Co-Optimus is 3 Years Old Today, Co-Optimus Mobile and More Coming Soon
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Co-Optimus is 3 Years Old Today, Co-Optimus Mobile and More Coming Soon

It's hard to believe this site I conceived over 3 years ago has grown into such a vibrant community and a resource used by millions of people.  Today Co-Optimus turns three and I'm extremely proud of everything we've accomplished during that time.  Co-Op gaming is incredibly popular with bigger and better co-op releases announced every year; developers, publishers, and gamers have all joined in on the Co-Op Revolution.

I've compiled a few stats from our site and database to put some perspective on things once again

  • When we launched on January 28th, 2008 we had 120 co-op games in our database.  Now we have over 1300.  We still have over 50 pending games to add as well.
  • We've posted 4600 news stories, 265 reviews, and 360 features and editorials.
  • Our community is now 7500 strong - with an active forums and user blogs.
  • Co-Optimus.com has had almost 10 million unique visitors accessing more than 40 million pages all while looking for co-op gaming news, information, and coverage.
  • As we approach our 2nd full year of co-op nights we've had almost 75 events (yes, PS3 and PC will get more love this year)

2011 is looking even more exciting for Co-Op gaming and Co-Optimus.com.  We've got big plans in the works - first and foremost is a mobile version of our site and mobile apps for your Android, Windows Phone 7 and hopefully iPhone are planned.  We hope to launch the mobile site by mid-February so definitely keep an eye out for that.

Another major feature which we'll be launching next week is a brand new Achievement System on the site.  You'll now be able to earn achievements just by participating in the community on Co-Optimus.  Along with this will be revamped profile pages and tweaked match making tools.

Just a teaser....

Co-Optimus will also be hitting video game related events hard this year - with PAX East, PAX Prime, E3 and many other smaller events on the schedule.   There will be plenty of co-op gaming coverage for you to sink your teeth into.

Don't forget you can support the site by buying one of our T-Shirts or purchasing any of the co-op games via our links to Amazon.com.

I'd just like to thank the awesome Staff for helping me grow it into something far and beyond anything I could have imagined.  I knew I wasn't alone in my love for cooperative gaming - but I had no idea.... :)


Thank YOU for visiting Co-Optimus and making it your prime source for co-op gaming.  We look forward to providing you with new, unique, and great co-op content in our 4th year.