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Join us as we embark upon a new adventure!

Co-Op Around the (e)Tabletop - Rifts of Auchendale, Parts 1 and 2

Last week, we kicked off a new collaborative video feature for our site: Co-Op Around the (e)Tabletop! Every couple weeks, depending on schedules, Mike, Locke, Jason, and Nick will be donning their wizard robes and hats for a 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons adventure hosted/DM'd by Artie from Cloud 9 Tabletop. You can join us live on our Twitch channel, or you can catch the recap post a few days later.

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Tabletop Co-Op: Dead of Winter

If you are anything like me, you are approaching the level of burnout with zombie themed games. From board games to video games to comics and TV, zombies are literally everywhere. There are several co-op board games featuring zombies, including three we have already covered in this column: Zombies Keep Out!, Dead Panic, and Zombicide. What does Dea...

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Stealthy co-op assassinations in the grimdark Warhammer 40,000 universe

Tabletop Co-Op: Assassinorum Execution Force

The Warhammer 40,000 setting should be familiar to most gamers. From the popular tabletop miniatures game to all manner of video games, including Space Marine, Kill Team, and the Dawn of War series, the grimdark future is everywhere. Today, we will take a look at a rare cooperative board game offering from Games Workshop, set in the 40K universe: A...

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Kill Hobbits for Sauron

Tabletop Co-Op: Lord of the Rings Nazgul

For this installment of Tabletop Co-Op, we travel to one of the most well-known locations in all of fantasy literature: Middle Earth. The setting is a rich one, and has inspired countless video games as well as card and board games. The idea of a group of men, elves, dwarves, and hobbits teaming up to take on the relentless invading forces of an ev...

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Now's your chance to test-ah, who am I kidding? You're gonna die.

Temple of Elemental Evil Co-op Board Game Out Now

For many of the human sub-species known as "Grognards", the classic "Temple of Elemental Evil" module was their first opportunity to get a taste of the excitement, hilarity, and pure death that Dungeons and Dragons had to offer.  For those of us who were too young for such an opportunity, WizKids is offering a chance to revisit the horrors surrounding the village of Hommlet in their latest board game, "The Temple of Elemental Evil".

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Sand, sun, and an ancient flying machine

Tabletop Co-Op: Forbidden Desert

Welcome to another Tabletop Co-Op article, in which we unplug from the consoles and take a look at cooperative board and card games. Today, we will take on the roles of a group of adventurers, and set off on a trip. Searching the ruins of an ancient city, our heroes must brave the sand and searing heat to find a fabled flying machine. If they find ...

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