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Zelda co-op comes around once in a blue moon, so don't miss it.

Hyrule Warriors to Feature a 2-player Co-op Mode

We recently news regarding Nintendo's teamup with the famous Dynasty Warriors team, Tecmo Koei, and their epic creation, Hyrule Warriors, went up a few days ago. Not only will the game feature Link battling dozens upon dozens of enemies at once, something he isn't really known for, but it will also have a 2-player local co-op mode (not really known for that either)!

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As if Link needed a reason to show off his 'badass' side...

Nintendo Reveals How Zelda and Dynasty Warriors Will Merge in 2014

Many Legend of Zelda fans out there have been waiting in anticipation for news on the next (new, not remake) Zelda title on Wii U. Would it be a remake of Majora’s Mask, or possibly a darker themed sequel like Twilight Princess? From what we were shown from today’s Nintendo Direct, I don’t believe anyone had expected this: a combination of both Legend of Zelda and Dynasty Warrior all in one.

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