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THQ is no more.

Beyond Co-Op - January 20th through January 26th, 2013

Welcome to Beyond Co-Op, the weekly piece where we look at interesting news around the industry that main not directly pertain to cooperative gaming culture.  This week's news is a big one with a major playing in the gaming industry folding and selling off its major studios to other publishers in the industry.  Let's take a look at how THQ Officially dissolved itself and where some of its hottest properties have ended up.

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Fate remains in question.

THQ Files for Bankruptcy, Reveals New Co-Op Game by Left 4 Dead Devs

THQ, publisher of such co-op titles as Saints Row The Third, Dawn of War 2, and 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand, have filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in the United States to bring them out of some troubled financials that have plagued the company over the past few years.  Since 2009 the publisher has tried to reinvent itself and image, trim the fat so to speak,  focus only on top tier titles to stay afloat, and even offer up their games on the Humble Bundle website - sadly it seems nothing has worked.

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THQ's Danny Bilson is Changing The Game

We don't do a lot of coverage of the executive shuffle that takes place in the games industry here around Co-Optimus HQ, but one change that might be worth covering is one that actually took place in 2008 when THQ hired a man named Danny Bilson.   Bilson came from an 8 year stint at EA doing a lot of creative work on various franchises, but when he arrived at THQ he had a vision to transform the company.

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