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by John Bardinelli 13
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Co-op play still a ways off. Darn.

Dungeon Defenders II Announced With New Competitive Mode

Dungeon Defenders has been a staple co-op game since 2011. Its blend of tower defense, action and RPG elements pairs nicely with multiple players hacking it out old school style. Recently, developer Trendy Entertainment announced details about the upcoming sequel, including cross-platform compatibility, a free-to-play pricing structure, and a brand new mode centered around team-based player combat.

by Christopher Metz 2
  • pc
  • PlayStation Network
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You're invited to the party!

Dungeon Defenders Celebrates Its First Anniversary with New DLC and Sales

It’s somebody’s birthday! No, not just anyone’s, but a great co-op title we’ve come to love over this past year: Dungeon Defenders! Celebrating its franchise’s first year as a game, Trendy Entertainment and Reverb Publishing have released a new DLC for gamers to enjoy in the festivities. Over the next couple of weeks, gamers can purchase the “Dungeon Defenders Anniversary Pack” DLC for free online.

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