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by Nick Puleo 0
  • xbox one
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Visually explosive.

Sunset Overdrive Video Review

Sunset Overdrive launches today on the Xbox One. Hopefully you've already taken the time to read our written review of the game, detailing both the single player and co-op content. But Sunset Overdrive is a very visual game, it's exploding with color and style and while words might adequately describe the technical merits of a game, seeing the game in motion paints a more accurate picture of its glamour and chaos.

by Andrew Gaskill 2
  • playstation 3
  • xbox 360
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Max Brawling

Anarchy Reigns Co-Op Review

Anarchy Reigns has finally made it stateside. This is a button mashing multiplayer brawler. You mash buttons and you brawl. That is the game's core concept. And when you think you've mashed all the buttons you can, and brawled your last brawl, something finally clicks, and the game gets rather awesome. Find out more in our Co-Op Review.

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