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Halo Reach Makes $200 Million, Halo Waypoint Offers Unlockables

In one day Halo Reach generated over $200 Million dollars in revenue.  It's unclear if that number include the Reach console bundle, but either way, it's damn impressive.  Along with it the game also broke the record for the most unique users on Xbox Live at one time.  Though Microsoft didn't give a number, first hand accounts of Bungie's server population showed almost 800,000 people playing Halo Reach on launch day in the early evening.

As we head into Reach's first weekend there's some house keeping to be had with the game.  

First, if you didn't already, snag the free Invasion theme.  It's only free this week, so you might as well snag it.  

Second, if you haven't downloaded Halo Waypoint and fired it up yet - you probably should.  Waypoint is going to offer tons of unlockables not only for your dashboard and avatar just for completing stuff in Reach, but it will provide unlockables in Reach itself for those of you that have completed other Halo games and goals.  


List of current In-game Unlockables

  • Military Police (Base): Reach Waypoint Career Milestone 15 and unlock the The Soldier we needed you to be achievement from Halo: Reach.
  • Military Police (CBRN/HU/RS): Reach Waypoint Career Milestone 20, unlock the Pink and Deadly achievement from Halo 3: ODST and the Military Police (Base) Helmet.
  • Military Police (HU/RS/CNM): Reach Waypoint Career Milestone 25, unlock the Fear the Pink Mist achievement from Halo 3, theA Spoonful of Blamite achievement from Halo: Reach and the Military Police (CBRN/HU/RS) Helmet.
  • CQB (Base): Reach Waypoint Career Milestone 20 and unlock the Folks Need Heroes... achievement from Halo: Reach.
  • CQB (HU/RS/CNM): Reach Waypoint Career Milestone 25, unlock the Campaign Complete: Heroic achievement from Halo 3: ODST and the CQB (Base) Helmet.
  • CQB (UA/HUL): Reach Waypoint Career Milestone 30, unlock the Campaign Complete: Legendary achievement from Halo 3, the Gods Must Be Strong achievement from Halo: Reach and the CQB (HU/RS/CNM) Helmet.
  • UA/Base Security [W]: Reach Waypoint Career Milestone 30 and unlock the Yes, Sensei achievement from Halo: Reach and the CQB (Base) Helmet.

Finally if you're looking for the daily challenges while toiling away at work in front of a computer, the Bungie website has you covered.  You can find the daily challenges (and weekly) posted right here.  Yesterday's were all Firefight based, so lets hope we see more co-op love in the future from Bungie like that.  Remember - challenges are the best way to earn maximum credits for customizing your Spartan!

See you on Reach!

Thanks John for the tip on Waypoint Challenges!

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