by xxw4r eagl3xx

Stat tracking: Yay? or Nay?

Stat tracking. It's been around for years now, but is it really necessary? From my experience it just adds more negativity to online gaming. Yeah, it is pleasant to see all of the Covenant you slain in Halo or how many heads you popped with a sniper, but stats for online just seem to ruin the experience.

I've had many games where people ignore objectives just to raise their K/D for gloating rights. It's just a silly number and how it has so much to say about a person is beyond me. In myself I seem to notice the same need to keep my K/D positive when I play Reach. Whenever the game goes bad I get frustrated and oftentimes yell at the TV. 

COD has the same issue. Camping is rampant in MW2. The objective issue is there also. People seem to only care about leveling up.

As I older games like Halo 3 and Burnout Paradise the fun level seems to ultimately skyrocket. No one cares as much about their stats and play just for the pleasure of playing. Even if I lose a game, I still have fun. Halo 3 was where I met most of my online friends! 

It's radical and sounds like a step back in gaming, but could we just be rid of the leveling and online stats? I'm sure many would agree, and it only seems to bring a more sour side to gaming. 

Please tell me what you think! 



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