Halo Wars 2

  • Online Co-Op: 3 Players
  • + Co-Op Campaign
  • + Co-Op Modes
by Matthew Squaire 0
  • pc
  • xbox one
  • online
Strangely Explored Lands...

Halo Wars 2 Co-Op Review

Early on in Halo Wars 2, I kept getting the feeling that I had lived this all before in an almost dream-like way. I played through campaign mission after mission, trying to shake the feeling and find my 'Ah-ha!' moment that would set the game apart, letting me tell my friends and associates of the special moments I wanted to share with...

by Jason Love 0
  • pc
  • xbox one
  • online
That's like twice as many units for you to select

New Trailer for Halo Wars 2, Get Halo Wars: Definitive Edition

During last night's Game Awards, Microsoft and 343 Industries showed off a new trailer for the upcoming Halo Wars 2 that put a little more focus on the Brute, Atriox, you'll be going up against in the campaign. They also made a surprise announcement that Halo Wars: Definitive Edition will be releasing on PC and Xbox One, and you can get it early if you pre-order the Ultimate Edition of the sequel.

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