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Alienware Steam Machine and Steam Controller Review

As a life-long PC gamer, the concept of a Steam Machine to me seems unessential. But in talking to someone who’s been a traditional console gamer, the appeal becomes a little more clear. It's a gateway that breaks down a traditional high barrier of entry. It provides a simple solution to access a library of thousands of PC titles with minimal knowledge of hardware and software.  A Steam Machine can be manufactured by anyone, in fact, you could technically build your own. Today we’re going to look at an offering from Alienware.

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Rats off to ya!

Our Weekend In Gaming: Dungeons and Skaven Edition

Just as it is written in the ancient tomes, tradition mandates that we delve into another Weekend in Gaming.  Little is spoken about The Grand Co-Optimus Library, but it is within those musty manuscripts that we gleaned our eternal duties:  "Thou must enjoy at least one game of the video or tabletop variety, then announce your intention the masses, lest the realms fall into utter chaos."  And so, like the obedient Co-opiteers that came before us, we carry on this sacred ritual.  

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