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The hottest track of 2016.

Our Weekend In Gaming: Civilization Remix ft. Sean Bean

Hello, again!  We've arrived once more at the end of the week, and just in time, too, as Sean Bean's own Civilization VI is finally out.  It seems like most of the Co-Opticrew will be busy with other ventures this weekend, but sooner or later, they'll hear the sweet siren-song of Sid Meier's latest release.  They'll try to resist.  Oh, how they'll try.  But none will be able to withstand it for too long.  I'd estimate that, about three weeks from now, the Weekend in Gaming posts will begin to dwindle as the staff slowly drifts out of reality.  Soon after, we'll assimilate with the Gandhiverse, completing the cyber-ritual and finally deifying Sid Meier.  

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I'm trying to contain myself

Nintendo Releases Video of New Console

Ladies and gentlemen, this is a pivotal moment in gaming that many of us have eagerly been waiting for. After over a year of vigorous rumor and speculation, light has finally been shed on a question that has showered discussion boards and plagued the minds of gamers everywhere: what is the Nintendo NX? Well folks, today we get a glimpse of Nintendo’s next generation console, simply named the Nintendo Switch.

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Easing your Fall wallet damage.

Top Co-Op Deals on Gears of War 4, Civilization VI, and Shadow Warrior 2

Bethesda may be wanting to draw in additional PC gamers to The Elder Scrolls Online because starting today it's never been cheaper. Several PC gaming retail sites have dropped their prices, but the best deal is GMG with a 55% price break to $26.79. We've seen drops to $39.99 on TESO Gold since its September 9 release, but this is a new low by a wide margin.

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Check out our spooooooooky weekend plans.

Our Weekend In Gaming: The Most Spectral Time Of The Year

October is well and truly upon us!  "But Enoch," I can hear you saying, "technically, October was upon us last weekend."  I hear those voices of dissent, and to them I say: shut up.  We play by my rules around these parts, and I have the final say on when things are or aren't upon us.  Plus, I had other things to talk about last weekend.  Specifically, car things.  More specifically, car things down under.

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The only country where never leaving your car makes total sense.

Our Weekend In Gaming: Cruisin' AUS

Racing's on the mind this weekend, folks. The Co-Opticrew has gotten a taste of the latest in the Forza Horizon series, and now we just can't get enough. It's like they say: Once you pop, you become addicted to cruising the Outback in pursuit of growing your brand and enticing more fans to join your absurdly destructive car festival until you're a dust-covered husk of your former self.

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Get a load of the new folks.

Our Weekend In Gaming: Fresh Meat

Ladies and gentlemen, I have the pleasure of introducing the two latest additions to the Co-Opticrew: Perron Wiley and Brian Harrison!  Naturally, in accordance with the 1986 edition of Gaming Journalism Customs And Bylaws, we'll be conducting a series of hazing rituals throughout their first week of employment.  Get this:  first, we have them "writing articles", and once that's done, they'll have to "play video games".  Then, once they think they're finally out of the woods, they'll be "telling dumb jokes on Slack".

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