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It's called Tag Climax. Yep, seriously.

Bayonetta 2 Reveals More Details on Co-Op Mode

It was over a year ago that a two-player mode for Bayonetta 2 was announced. Now, more details about it have finally been revealed a couple of months before the game launches. It's co-op (mostly), but with a bit of a competitive aspect as well. The mode's called "Tag Climax," and players can either select to directly invite a friend, do random matchmaking, or play with a bot.

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Saving him from crippling alcoholism, however, is much more complicated.

Save Churchill from Nazis in Sniper Elite 3 DLC

If you've been playing Sniper Elite 3, you've no doubt seen a fair share of Nazi organs being destroyed in slow-mo. And, let's be honest, if you've gotta watch a bullet liquefy someone's vital organs, it might as well be a Nazi. But how often do you get to covertly waste fascists in the personal defense of Master Politician / Boozehound, Sir Winston Churchill?

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Robots, bears, laser swords games!

Dynasty Warriors Gundam Reborn Giveaway

Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Reborn was released a few weeks ago on the PlayStation 3. The two player co-op game slipped under our radar, which is pretty hard when it contains 40 foot tall fighting robots. We haven't officially reviewed a Dynasty Warriors Gundam Game since the second iteration, but the 4th game in the series continues the trend of huge massive anime robot space battles. Destroying mass quantities of robots with a laser sword and a co-op buddy by your side is my idea of a good Thursday evening.

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