MultiVersus Will Return and Fully Launch on May 28
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MultiVersus Will Return and Fully Launch on May 28

The Warner Bros. characters will soon be back to smash each other once again!

You could be forgiven for having forgotten this, but Warner Bros. and Player First Games released a Super Smash Bros.-style fighting game called MultiVersus back in 2022. The game was in open beta status back then. Surprisingly, Warner Bros. shut down the beta entirely in June 2023, and things have been silent since then. That changes this year, thank goodness, because MultiVersus will be back and fully launched in May. It will even include a new PvE mode, which hopefully means more co-op support.

Warner Bros. and Player First released a new video this week that announces the game's launch date and a host of new features that will accompany it.

MultiVersus open beta screenshot

Open beta (old engine) screenshot

New launch features will include:

  • New Characters
  • New Levels (including Dexter's Laboratory and Townsville from Powerpuff Girls)
  • New attacks and mechanics for each character
  • Rollback Netcode
  • Engine upgraded to Unreal Engine 5
  • New PvE Mode

These all sound like welcome enhancements. During the open beta, MultiVersus suffered from performance issues and a lack of content. Hopefully, the full game will have those problems ironed out. The world needs a good, multiplatform Super Smash Bros. competitor!

Multiversus will be launching on XboxPlayStation, and Steam on May 28. During the open beta, it supported 2-player co-op matches against AI teams. We'll share further news when it comes in!