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They're doing the Monster Mash

Enjoy Some Spooky Treats in Fortnite

October comes to a close today, and thus we're afforded one last chance to enjoy all of the Halloween-themed content offerings in our games before they get replaced by new holiday-based cosmetics. Epic Games dropped some new content into Fortnite last week that provides players with a chance to pick up a rocket launcher that shoots pumpkins, and also added some appropriately themed missions.

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Checking out all the games to play with friends, both in video and text form.

The Co-Op Games of 2015 Preview

2015 looks to be the first solid year in a while for co-op gamers. The Xbox One and PS4 have hit their stride and the PC continues to excel. There’s a few big games on the horizon with a strong focus on those platforms, sadly, leaving being the Xbox 360 and PS3 era. We’ve got both new IPs and old favorites making a return. Let’s d...

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Hoodies: Now available in skin!

Fortnite Dev Diary Gives An Insightful History On Its Monster, The Husk

As it turns out, Fortnite isn't just a 4 player co-op survival/exploration game.  It's also got hot fashion tips, like wearing your skin as a hoodie!  All your friends will be talking about the hot new trend you're setting by revealing your hideous, potentially deformed skull to the world and using what used to be your face only to protect your face-bones from the elements.  At least, that's what they would be saying, if you had any friends that didn't scream in terror at the sight of you, or if you were alive at all.  Did I mention you're not alive?  Cause you're not.  You're wearing your skin as a hoodie, you damn monster.

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Bring friends because it's going to be a long night.

New Fortnite Gameplay Video Shows Ways to Defend Skillfully

One co-op title that we've been keeping an eye on is still in the early stages, but is looking more promising each time we take a glance. Epic Game's Fortnite mixes a bunch of elements together, from survival, action, and third-person shooter to introduce a new way to play a "Horde Mode" type of game. Recently, the developers have...

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