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Enjoy Some Spooky Treats in Fortnite
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Enjoy Some Spooky Treats in Fortnite

They're doing the Monster Mash

October comes to a close today, and thus we're afforded one last chance to enjoy all of the Halloween-themed content offerings in our games before they get replaced by new holiday-based cosmetics. Epic Games dropped some new content into Fortnite last week that provides players with a chance to pick up a rocket launcher that shoots pumpkins, and also added some appropriately themed missions.

The "Fortnitemare" patch notes can be found in full on the Epic Games' blog, but here are the co-op specific highlights:

  • 36 quests have been added to the game (available after completing the "Storm Shield Defense 3" mission) that reward players with candy, which can be spent for on the Halloween Loot Llamas
  • The Halloween Loot Llamas may contain one of the two new weapons (Jack-O-Launcher and Grave Digger assault rifle) and/or one of the eight heroes decked out in their costumes
  • A revamping of the daily rewards system, including retroactively applying any Epic and above rarity items that have been added to days you have already collected. Translation: it's worth logging in just to see if you got some new loot!
  • The "Horde Bash" mode that was added earlier this month is now over