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All the content of the first two games, plus some visual upgrades.

PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate Coming to PS4 and PS Vita

It's been a few years since the PixelJunk Shooter series has been in the headlines. A collaboration between Double Eleven and Q-Games promises to change that, however. The teams have just announced PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate, an enhanced repackaging of the first two games that's heading to PS4 and PS Vita via the PlayStation Network.

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Discounts are less big, but a sale's a sale.

Big PlayStation Network Spring Sale is Big

It's happy sale time again on the PlayStation Network! To celebrate the spring season (or autumn, southern hemisphere humans), a good 70 games are currently on sale, including PSP, Vita, PS2 and PSone titles as well as a handful of DLC packs. Discounts range from 10-50% off the standard price, with PlayStation Plus subscribers taking an additional 10% off. Not much, but it's something!

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Developer describes it as "totally co-op" with "probably like a gajillion" robots.

PixelJunk Inc. Revealed, is All About Soup and Lasers

Developer Q-Games has done a lot of really great things with the PixelJunk series. Representing every genre from shooter to tower defense to simulation, each release has hit the fun spot right in the core, with plenty of lovely artwork and some great co-op experiences to boot. With Pixel Junk Inc., those convenient genre labels are thrown out the door. Instead, we get a healthy combination of PixelJunk Shooter, Terraria, PixelJunk Monsters, and, of all things, a soup-selling simulation!

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