Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth

  • Couch Co-Op: 2 Players
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Marvel's Avengers: Battle for Earth Co-Op Review
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Marvel's Avengers: Battle for Earth Co-Op Review

Play fight as Iron Man and friends

After Marvel’s Avengers movie broke bundles of box office records, fans naturally wondered at the lack of a tie-in game. We know that a traditional game had been in development before getting canned, naturally leaving a major merchandising opportunity wide open. Ubisoft saw that and quickly announced their own motion-controlled game titled Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth. With such a rushed development schedule and its licensed nature, the quality of the game obviously comes into question. But seeing its array of Marvel characters and co-op, I had to give it a shot.

Battle for Earth has just debuted on the Wii U, but this review focuses on the Xbox 360 original. Both versions follow identical designs, but use different control interfaces. The Kinect version is based upon the design of PowerUp Heroes, a 2011 Ubisoft game. I understand the games are very similar, but I didn’t play PowerUp Heroes, so my comparisons end there. This game’s menus can be controlled via motion, voice, or controller, but the controller stops working at various times, as if it hadn’t been properly tested.

Avengers Battle for Earth Captain America

After Civil War, Captain America owes Iron Man a lot of punches.

This game’s story is based on the ‘Secret Invasion’ storyline that ran through Marvel comics for most of 2008 and was recently adapted into the main second season story arc of the wonderful Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes animated series. Basically, the evil shapeshifting alien Skrulls have infiltrated Earth, capturing and replacing numerous superheroes and villains. The game draws loosely from that setup, its brief story scenes displaying a few comic stills as The Watcher narrates.

Battle For Earth’s Campaign Mode consists of five primary locations, each with eight 2-on-2 battles to its name. Every battle has its own fixed hero and villain team, so you can’t pick your characters in the campaign. Still, you’ll probably want to play it first since that’s how you’ll unlock new characters. For players who want to battle the AI with characters of their own choosing, Arcade Mode fits the bill. You’ll select a team and then run through every opponent the game has in one sitting, which can be physically tiring.

Avengers Battle for Earth Thor

Both Campaign and Arcade support Battle for Earth’s version of co-op, which is essentially tag-team battling (think Mortal Kombat). Only one character is ever active at a time. As that character takes damage, part of his or her life meter turns red and can be recovered by swapping characters and letting the damaged fighter rest – just like the Marvel vs. Capcom games, which is fine.

The sidelined player has little to do besides rest his weary muscles, though that rest can be appreciated. That said, if the inactive player performs the same super move actions as the active one, the active player’s move will deal more damage than otherwise. Still, cooperating against the computer mainly comes down to fighting until you take damage, switching places, and repeating until your team wins. The second player does not earn Achievements, sadly.