The Red Solstice

  • Online Co-Op: 8 Players
  • + Co-Op Campaign
Tactical Survival Game The Red Solstice Enters Alpha
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Tactical Survival Game The Red Solstice Enters Alpha

Mutants learn it isn't so easy to eat humans.

Mars. That red planet that floats around with stone faces in the sand, secret alien cities beneath the surface, and a curious little rover scooping up bits of soil. Also, Ironward Game's upcoming tactical survival game takes place there! The studio is currently hard at work on The Red Solstice, a co-op game that supports up to eight players who must work together in order to survive the harsh Martian climate.

Gameplay in The Red Solstice is one part combat, one part tactics, and one part scavenging for resources. Mutated hordes of enemies are constantly trying to gnaw on you, and in order to survive you have to plan ahead. It's not about who's got the biggest, baddest gun; this one's all about working as a team. Ironward promises each player plays an important role in the game. Everyone's actions contribute to the success or failure of the group, giving ample room for people to distinguish themselves. You will feel important, Ironward says, and The Red Solstice will offer you a great feeling of achievement.

Rounds last an hour of real time, and both equipment and characters are chosen before the game begins. Each of the eight playable classes has a combat specialty, adding quite a bit of dynamism to the group if you can get some friends to join in. No matter how intense or scary things might get, all you have to do is stay alive for one hour. You do that all the time, right?

The Red Solstice has been under development for several years and is currently in alpha. The release date is currently set for this year on Windows. Vote for it on Greenlight to show your support, then head over to the official site for some tidbits about armor, weapons, items and enemies in the game. Our favorite has to be Slasher – Project F.L.U.F.F.Y.