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Sanctum 2 Gets Another Huge Update
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Sanctum 2 Gets Another Huge Update

Somebody give Coffee Stain Studios an awesomeness award, please.

Well wouldn't you know it, Sanctum 2 just keeps getting better and better. A brand new patch was recently released for the tower defense/first person shooter hybrid, making a few significant changes to how resources are handled along with a handful of minor tweaks. Tower upgrades were also fiddled with, and swarm enemies have been made even swarmier. Should be a blast!

If you were hanging around a week or so ago, Coffee Stain Studios released a major patch shortly after launch that changed a number of major gameplay elements based on player feedback. The alterations were so significant we even went back and revised our Sanctum 2 review. It's a lot of work hitting that "edit" button and writing brand new word things, so that should tell you just how impressed we are with Coffee Stain's dedication to making this game as awesome as it can be. Internet high five, guys. Seriously.

Some highlights from the recent update are below. Note that the patch is only live for PC users at the moment. Because of the lengthy and expensive process necessary to patch console games, the changes won't affect the XBLA version for a while.


  • Resource Sharing - Players can now share their resources with other players by injecting their resources into other players, similar to when you upgrade towers. Do this by aiming at another player and hold LMB (tower resources) or RMB (tower bases).
  • Resources - the amount required to upgrade a tower is now displayed in the upgrade bar.
  • Resources - no longer drop by the core, players recieve resources directly now.


  • Towers - are more powerful now; upgrade bonuses at new level thresholds are significantly higher.
  • Enemies - swarm enemies (Runners, Pups, Snorkers) will come in much larger groups now instead of one at a time to differentiate them more from other enemies and make AoE better against them. Let the gibs, intestines and blood fly!


  • Resource System - If a player leaves their resources are split among the other players to stay coherent with the new resource system.
  • Amp Tower - stacking exploit fixed - only the strongest Amp Tower now affects nearby towers. It was getting a bit ridiculous. In light of this fix, leaderboards have been reset. On the bright side however, Amp Tower damage bonus has been increased & upgrade cost lowered.
  • Enemy Scaling - Fixed scaling when players join/leave games. HP is scaled depending on what wave a player joins/leaves in. Should be more fair now.
  • Icons - Fixed an oversight where the wrong icons were displayed in the PC version.
  • Inactivity camera - no longer activates when you have the map enlarged.
  • Pause Menu - Button for the Sanctum 2 Wiki added (go contribute!)
  • Overcharge - the speed of overcharging increases the longer you do it.
  • Save Files - fixed an issue where the game couldn’t detect a save file.
  • Feat of Strength - Hardcore now applies the recycle penalty in survival.
  • Minimap - Broken towers are displayed as broken on the minimap.