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New Halo 4 Action Figures Will Include Exclusive DLC Skins
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New Halo 4 Action Figures Will Include Exclusive DLC Skins

Show love for Halo 4 inside AND outside of the game.

Truth be told, Halo 4’s multiplayer/co-op modes have quite the fashion statements about them. Fans of the game like to stand out from the crowd, or at least make their Spartan avatars look as cool as possible. To do that, weapon and armor skins are the thing to turn to. Well, if new skins are what you are searching for, look no further than the new line of Halo 4 actions figure that will include the new DLC along with them.

Not to put 343 down for monetizing avatar personalization, but a future set of highly detailed McFarlane Halo 4 action figures will include the codes for both armor and weapon skins unlocks within the game. The 3 armor skins and the 5 weapon skins are all exclusive to “Series 2” of the Halo 4 line, with the previous series being available from around $10-$25 dollars online. We would assume that these figures will go for around the same prices, so make sure the DLC is worth the figures as well. Check out the gallery for a closer look at the lineup.

A sample review of Series 1's Master Chief action figure.

Will your love for Halo 4 get you to buy these figures come October? Do you think the skins are worth it? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Mp1st.com