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Spartan-Ops Returns Next Week with Improvements Based on Feedback
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Spartan-Ops Returns Next Week with Improvements Based on Feedback

Time to dig deeper into the mystery of the Promethean artifact.

Spartan-Ops, the four player online co-op episodic campaign, returns to Halo 4 next Monday.  With the next three episodes scheduled after a month and a half away.  343 hasn't rested on its laurels though with the content, listening to player feedback and improving the second half of the series.  

We learned a lot of lessons from the first half [of the season], especially in how we use environments — and in some cases reuse environments — and I think we've done a much better job of compartmentalizing the maps.

We sort of think of them as layers, and each time you go there you peel another layer back and another layer back," he said. "So you always have something new to do, something to see and something that's going to change your perspective on what that map or environment is.

David Ellis, Mission Designer - 343 Industries

Some of the other changes we can expect to see is better narrative in the mission themselves, and a promise that we'll never do the same thing twice.   We're even promised to be surprised within the first 10 seconds of Chapter 6 which launches Monday.  I guess one advantage afforded with episodic content, is its ability to adapt on the fly, and it looks like that's what we'll see here.

Halo 4's Spartan Ops is a four player co-op mode that takes place 6 months after the events of the single player campaign.  

Source: Polygon.com