New CRIMENET Mission Feature Included in PAYDAY 2
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New CRIMENET Mission Feature Included in PAYDAY 2

Get in contact with other theives to develop a solid network of looting gigs.

The 505 Games team announced their latest addition to PAYDAY 2: "CRIMENET". Using this in-game database as a medium for communication with other fellow bank heist specialists, players will be able to use it to view the available missions happening outside the main storyline.

Bane, the mysterious leader of the PAYDAY crew, is still the game’s primary mission deliverer, but CRIMENET allows players to access missions and more through its contact database. The system will randomly generate missions of varying rarity (difficulty and reward levels a shown for each mission) for players to view and accept at their leisure. David Goldfarb, Game Director of PAYDAY 2, explains it through his own words below:

Apart from the original PAYDAY, which simply thrust players into the thick of a bank heist at random, PAYDAY 2’s CRIMENET provides a certain narrative to the missions themselves rather than playing any other bank heist before. For example: Goldfarb explains that certain missions can take place over a number of days, changing the environments from day to night. Essentially, CRIMENET is their way of including some additional gameplay fiction, making this feature feels like you’re in contact with all other heist operatives in the city with agendas of their own. Whether players decide to accept them is at their own discretion

PAYDAY 2 releases on Xbox 360, PS3, and PC on August 13th. Be sure to check out some of our previous articles to watch the ongoing PAYDAY 2 web series.