What Does it Take to be a LEGO Marvel Launch Trailer?
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What Does it Take to be a LEGO Marvel Launch Trailer?

We don't need another hero, not with this bunch around

Hello web heads, its Co-Optimus here with another exciting LEGO Marvel Super Heroes adventure.  This 2 player local co-op game is out now across multiple platforms for any comic book fan to enjoy.  To celebrate, TT Games have released a branch new launch trailer.  Excelsior!

The LEGO games have been firm Co-Optimus favorites for over a generation and with the new LEGO Marvel set to come out on 360, PS3, PC, Wii U, 3DS, Vita, One and PS4, this trend is looking like continuing.

The new trailer gives you another glimpse at which heroes and villains you are likely to see in the latest plastic block offering.  It seems like pretty much every Marvel character that has seen ink on paper appears:  

Make sure you check back soon for the ultimate LEGO Marvel co-op review from your local have-a-go heroes at Co-Optimus.

Source: Youtube.com

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