Co-Optimus - News - Payday 2's Halloween Event goes Live October 31st.
Payday 2's Halloween Event goes Live October 31st.
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Payday 2's Halloween Event goes Live October 31st.

They'll supply the masks!

You know, robbing a bank is probably a lot like trick-or-treating. You show up some place with a large sack, you and your friends wear masks, say the magic words (in this case, "trick or treat" is replaced by "give me all of your money"), thank them, and then leave! Of course, they're going to be noticeably less happy about the exchange, and probably not inclined to tell you how cute your costumes are.

In keeping in with the theme of the season, Payday 2 is celebrating our creepiest holiday with their very own Halloween Special. Starting October 31st through November 4th, robbers everywhere will enjoy treats courtesy of Overkill Software. Hopefully, your real life Halloween does not involve handguns or a trail of dead cops. If it does, you really need to change whatever dark path you're on.

Payday is offering rewards to anyone who joins their Payday 2 Steam Group. Just joining up and logging on while the event is active grants you all the free goodies. 

Overkill is leaking the actual rewards over the next few days, though two have already been revealed. The first is a fresh new Interceptor 45 with three customizable loadouts affecting stats, for if you prefer the sneaky approach or you just want to put as many bullets in bodies as possible. 

The second gift is a high-octane flashlight which takes the place of secondary weapons. While it might not mow down waves of Washington DC's Finest, it will illuminate any darkened paths.

The third and fourth gifts will be announced on Wednesday and Thursday.

Nothing gets the kids into holiday spirits quite like seasonal content, especially when it results in goodies. I want to see more studios get into the habit of releasing holiday-specific stuff.