Payday 2 Housewarming Community Event is Now Live
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Payday 2 Housewarming Community Event is Now Live

And you're all invited! Well...if you own the game, that is

Initially released in 2013, PAYDAY 2 has gone through quite a few changes over the years. Some have been good, and others...not so much. But one thing’s for certain, the Payday 2 train is still chugging along with no immediate signs of slowing down. One good reason for that is the currently-ongoing Housewarming Community Event

So what’s all the fuss regarding Payday 2’s latest update? The event kicked off last Friday, and every day since then has brought forth a new addition that ever so slightly changes your experience. For starters, your criminal’s hideout is now customizable (please keep in mind you'll need to be at least level 25). The safe house contains 16 common areas which can be individually upgraded with “continental coins.” Those concerned about opening up their real-world wallets to pimp their pads should know that coins can be earned by completing heists or side jobs. One notable aspect of customization involves mini games which can be added to your shelter. You will now have the ability to hone your melee skills with a punching bag, test that eagle-eye of yours on the shooting range, or practice your slap shot on a mini hockey arena.

Aside from finally being able to change out those dreaded drapes, there are a handful of other enhancements to keep an eye out for as well. A new enemy-stunning concussion grenade has been added to the fray, as well as a two new difficulty levels to keep the challenge level high for all those elite criminals out there. New mask packs will also be added, in addition to an enemy medic who revives fallen partners, a mutator, new weapon, and an all-new heist. Unfortunately for console gamers out there, the Housewarming Community Event is only live on PC at this time. These updates will churn out daily until October 16th, so feel free to drop in and see what’s new today.