Time to Become Infamous with the New Payday 2 Update
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Time to Become Infamous with the New Payday 2 Update

Infamy, infamy, they've all got it infamy

Some people will always reach the peak, become the best, the pinnacle of what they do, but where is the fun in that?  Once you have hit level 100 of Payday 2, what else is there to achieve?  Plenty  now that the Infamy scale has been added in the latest update. 

This new Infamy update is like a Game+ mode for all those players that have put hours of time and effort into Payday 2 to become the best.  This 4 player online shooter is excellent, so many of you may have hit the 100 Level Cap.  Starbreeze are catering your need for more advancement by creating the Payday 2 equivalent of the Call of Duty franchise's Prestige Mode.

Once you have hit 100 and saved $200,000,000 you can give it all away for one level of Infamy.  Stripped of all your skills and access to many of your weapons, you will have to use your experience and knowledge of the game to build yourself back up again.

This can be done up to 14 times until you become an Ace of Spades.  As an added incentive to achieve Infamy, you will gain access to unique bonuses and a cool card that makes you look rad.  There is loads more information about what Infamy can do for you on the official Infamy Site


Source: Overkillsoftware.com