3D Streets of Rage

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3D Streets of Rage has a US Release Date
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3D Streets of Rage has a US Release Date

Fists will fly right out of your screen

Nintendo went ahead and announced the release date for the much-anticipated 3D Streets of Rage. The portable two player brawler drops on the e-shop in the US December 19, just in time to pick up a few copies as digital stocking stuffers. With the handy mobility of the 3ds, you don't have to worry about spending another nanosecond without punching some street trash right in their mean old face.

It's always good to revisit the classics. Getting back to the roots of a medium is important in understanding just how far we've come since our meager beginnings stabbing octorocks and rescuing princesses. Now we have games about super soldiers rapidly aging, or third person shooters on how war is really bad and you should feel bad for playing a game about war. Of course, is there any greater form of art than an interactive medium where you hit the streets (of rage) and punch thugs?

If you answered anything other than "nope!" then you need to sit in the corner and really think what kind of life you lead.

Sure, it's not Final Fight, but it's got heart! You and a buddy can choose two of three noble law enforcers who have grown tired of going through the legal system to dispense justice. Instead, they walk to the right and start swinging at anybody wearing a dew-rag or a dookie rope chain. 

Maybe it's not the greatest human achievement in mankind's history, but it's at least worth a retro look. It is an important piece of co-op gaming history now available for a new generation. And besides, Streets of Rage 2 has a playable character who is just a kid on roller skates, named Skate. HOW IS THAT NOT AWESOME?!

Source: Blogs.sega.com