Dark Souls 2

  • Online Co-Op: 3 Players
  • + Co-Op Modes
Dark Souls II Press Impressions Video
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Dark Souls II Press Impressions Video

Get some opinions from people who have actually played the game

It's always exciting to hear fans of the series spout insane stories about their experiences in the Souls games. Such in-game events as "I shot the tail of this dragon with like a million arrows and I got this awesome sword!" always bring warmth to my heart. It reminds me of days before the internet, when a grammar school friend would proclaim beating Metroid in under three hours would reveal that the heroic space marine you controlled the entire time happened to possess two X chromosomes. 

Part of the allure of Dark Souls II for me will be jumping in and seeing exactly what madness I stumble upon. Uncovering secrets in a Souls game is half the fun. The other half is watching your warrior scream in their final moments as they plummet to their doom a million miles to the earth because you happened to read a blood stain that read "jump," and thought that none of your fellow human beings could be so heartless. Regardless, the three player co-op inspires plenty of enthusiasm from fans, and the press is not immune to such excitement. Here are multiple interviews with fans of the first game who also happen to be associated with the gaming media.

Dark Souls II looks as fresh and challenging as the previous games in the series. Given a longer development time and two games under their belt, FromSoftware is bound to have more tricks up their sleeves in order to charm and infuriate players alike. We'll see exactly what kind of trouble our heroes find themselves in when it launches in March of 2014.

Source: Youtube.com