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Terraria for Consoles Finally Catches up to PC
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Terraria for Consoles Finally Catches up to PC

Say hello to 1.2.3

Now it's time for some Terraria news! No, this has nothing to do with a secret new PC patch or the nifty Terraria: Otherworld. This is a good old fashioned update for the console version of the game, nudging it up to version 1.2.3 so it finally catches up to the items and features in the PC release.

Tons of new items, features and fixes make an appearance in this latest update. Wanna drink some Terraria sake? Now you can! How about pad thai? Or maybe you'd rather put on your magic hat and kimono, pick up a water gun and head outside to shoot some ducks and worms? Hey, it's your world. We only judge you if you happen to be playing co-op with us.

A few more handy updates:

  • Ability to change platforms into stairs with a hammer
  • Allow the placing of coins to create coin stacks
  • All non-event bosses can drop a Boss Mask
  • Add the catching of critters and making cages for them
  • Added travelling merchant

Terraria turned four years old this May, with the mobile and console ports sporting fewer gray hairs than their PC brother. Since then, development has been halted, spontaneously resumed, and a massive patch released that added so much new content it was practically a different game. The PC version always gets the goods first, with the Xbox, PS3 and PS Vita lagging a few months behind.