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A slew of New Destiny Details Emerge
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A slew of New Destiny Details Emerge

Fight undead-looking aliens on the MOON!

The folks at Bungie need to be toiling away pretty furiously on Destiny, since they have to live up to their own reputation as "the people that made all those Halo games you all really liked." If the 14 page spread of information in January's issue of Game Informer is any indication, then they've been working up a storm.

New gameplay elements have emerged and been expanded upon, as well as facts about the various beings you will encounter as you defend humanity against the onslaught of alien races. While there is a full write-up in Game Informer with tons more info, I've included some of the key points in regards to co-op and basic gameplay that you guys might be interested in.

  • The game plays a lot like a Halo game (shocker!)
  • While you cannot change the class of a character, you can change their "Focus," which is like a sub-class
  • Your Focus can be swapped at a moments notice
  • Customizable vehicles allow you to move across the world, but will not serve any purpose in combat
  • Bungie does not consider this an MMO
  • Instead of having servers like traditional MMOs, all players live together in one world
  • Matchmaking is done in the background of the game for easy access to co-op play
  • You and friends will explore the ruined Earth, as well as Mars, Venus, and the Moon.
  • Areas are designed to be either instanced off for small groups, or public areas where the enemies scale with the amount of players

I'm afraid people are going to ignore Destiny precisely because it is not Halo, but I'm pretty sure Bungie was ready to move on after making five games about Master Chief and the blue woman that lives in his brain. Of course when all you have under your belt is a bunch of Halo (and don't forget Oni!) then it's probably best when you start fresh to at least resemble your beloved franchise.