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Takedown: Red Sabre

  • Online Co-Op: 6 Players
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Takedown: Red Sabre Patch #7 Adds Free DLC, AI Improvements
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Takedown: Red Sabre Patch #7 Adds Free DLC, AI Improvements

One of the biggest updates to date

Takedown: Red Sabre continues to get a steady stream of updates and improvements and updates since its disasterous launch on the PC. The tactical shooter is a game we wanted to like very much, but had a difficult time even getting it working.

Thankfully seven patches later things seem to be on the up and up and developer Serellan continues to listen to community feedback to tweak and improve their game.

The update includes a new map called "Killhouse Breach" which is available to play in Bomb Disarm, Tango Hunt, Attack/Defend, Last Man Standing, and Team DM game modes. There's a new map relight too for Cargo Day.

Cargo Day is a relight for the Cargo Ship map, setting it in a bright afternoon setting. This fundamentally changes the core gameplay on the Cargo map, because long sight lines and bright colors offer a dramatic difference from the dark alleys of Cargo Ship. This map is available in Single Player, Co-Op, and Versus, and also includes the appropriate “Firefight” maps created for the main Cargo Ship. 

And while the new content is all well and good, the biggest addition to Takedown: Red Sabre is several AI improvements both friendly and enemy. Friendly AI is now more controllable with the ability to give commands to your partners as well as smarter decision making as to when/where they should change stance, attack, and more. Enemy AI has also been tweaked to behave a bit more realistically.

Another improvement is the integration of Steam's VOIP chat service. This should help team communication in co-op games big time. We're still waiting for news on the XBLA version of the game, but in the meantime, it's good to see Takedown making steady improvements. We'll be giving it another go shortly.