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Squad 51 vs. the Flying Saucers

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Top Indie Games of 2013

Our official staff picks for Games of the Year will be forthcoming, but I wanted to present my own personal list of my favorite indie co-op games this year. There were plenty to choose from, which is a good problem to have, but there were a few that really stood out.

1) Risk of Rain - a rogue-like survival game unlike any other. Much like the number two choice, this is a game that you pretty much have to play cooperatively and that's ok because there's such a great dynamic with the different characters that you'll want to do just that. You may not survive until the very end, but it is so addictive you'll want to get right back into the thick of things. Pick up a 4-pack, grab some friends, and good luck!

2) Monaco - co-op gameplay mixed with heists and craziness. There's so much that could be said about this game (e.g., it's a great pick up and play for a few minutes type game, co-op is so well integrated), but you really are better off just playing it for yourself. Special mention goes to developer Pocketwatch Games who, months after the game's release, is still providing updates to the game and supporting it and its community.

3) Wyv and Keep - some of the very first games I played growing up with my family were games like this one. Some were just puzzle games, others were platformers. Some had co-op gameplay and the rest we just played "pass the controller." Wyv and Keep combines all these things and has a sense of humor that keeps you smiling all the way through.

4) FORCED - gladiatorial combat with action RPG elements and a different type of strategy/tactics with the introduction of the Spirit Guide. When the game ends, which will take some time, there's plenty of challenges and other things to do to keep you coming back for more.

5) Retrovirus - Cadenza's second offering is altogether different from their first action/tower-defense title, Sol Survivor. If you were a fan of Descent and other flight-sim shooters from the '90s, then this is the game for you. The RPG elements with the different guns adds a unique element that lets you customize your gameplay and come up with some interesting synergies when playing with a friend.


And that's a year in review for Indie-Ana Co-Op! I hope you all have enjoyed this feature and have had a chance to check out some of the excellent indie offerings this past year. 2014 should be an interesting year for indies with the PS4's open arms for all indie developers and Xbox One's new ID@Xbox system. Steam's Greenlight program has also turned out to be a great way to get indie games some attention and a release through a major digital distribution platform.

Here's hoping 2014 will be another great year for indie games!