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A Dark Souls Cafe Opens in Japan
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A Dark Souls Cafe Opens in Japan

It's like Medieval Times with even more shambling corpses!

If you find yourself low on Estus flasks and happen to be in little ol' Tokyo feel free to pop on in to the newly established Dark Souls Cafe and kick off your boots at a bonfire. Yes, you read that correctly. Where else but Japan could you open up a cafe based on a video game where dying is a major mechanic?

Gearing for the upcoming three player co-op Dark Souls II release in March, this new facility is a temporary replacement to an Australian-themed restaurant, the OZ Cafe and serves up Dark Souls flavored treats. This place runs 'till April, so if you need to nosh on haunches of meat and spill healing potions plan your trip accordingly. (I knew those things had vodka in them.)

The menu (shown below) resembles the inventory screen from the notoriously difficult action game. They accept cash, in case you just lost all your souls after being burned alive by demon fire. From the glimpse at the menu, the average dish is about $12 with drinks ranging around $6, which is a pretty great deal for the location. Food and beverage are served by adorable cosplayers (because: Japan) garbed in the kind of outfits you might expect to see in Dark Souls.

This probably isn't a last resort by From Software in case this whole "video game" thing doesn't turn out, and more like a celebration of a die-hard fandom. Is it geeky on a whole new level? Yeah, it sure is. But wouldn't it be just a whole lot of fun, too?

Source: Dengekionline.com