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Massive 13 GB Dead Rising 3 Title Update Goes Live
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Massive 13 GB Dead Rising 3 Title Update Goes Live

Always remember that patience is a virtue...

Attention all Dead Rising 3 owners: please be aware that a ginormous update went live today and is now available to download. The update will take up to 13 GB of hard drive space to incorporate the changes being made, so make sure to set aside a good amount of time to download it. Godspeed to broadband internet users!

Those of you that have played Dead Rising 3 already know that, a game quite as large as this one, may also require a large update to accommodate it. However, this whopping 13 GB update may take quite a while to download in a single sitting. Other than to fix quite a number of bugs and other performance issues found within the game, this update is primarily here to add the necessary data to pave the way for tomorrow's release of "Operation Broken Eagle" DLC episode. The DLC will be the first of four to be released for Dead Rising 3 this year, more than likely requiring another update of similar data size for each one. However, gamers shouldn't be immediately concerned with the finite amount of the Xbox One hard drive space used for these large updates, as they (supposedly) won't impact Dead Rising 3's overall data size.

So, now we all want to know what sort of changes/additions will be added for such a hefty update. Luckily, we've got Capcom's list right here to take a look at. One addition not mentioned in the list below is a new "impulse trigger" feature that uses the controller's haptic feedback to help players identify when their guns are low on ammo or for picking up single objects amongst a large pile:

Update List:

  • Content for DLC episodes 3 and 4 added as part of this CU.
  • Various Stability Fixes.
  • Various Performance Improvements.
  • Online Stability improvements.
  • Added a progress bar to main menu while installer is running.
  • Fixed an issue which could allow the user to overwrite their save file during streaming install while the game is booted.
  • Fix for missing English VUI command in Multiplayer menu.
  • Some improvements to item pickups.
  • Fixed a reproducible issue where the player could get out of the world.
  • Fixed an issue where music wasn’t present during the streaming install.
  • Fixed some mission scripting issues.
  • Fixed an issue which could cause some co-op players to not progress blueprint collection achievements correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where the UI was not updating properly.
  • Fixed an issue which caused glass textures to appear low-res.
  • Fixed an issue which could cause shadows to render incorrectly.
  • Fixed a texture issue with the Golden SledgeSaw weapon.
  • SmartGlass stability fix.

This bit of news adds to the current gaming discussion of sustainable internet data usage, as the growth of services such as digital distribution, streaming, and the cloud continues to rise in popularity and requirement. As data needed to obtain these features increases, many gamers will have to take a second look at how data caps placed by broadband internet providers will impact their future gaming experiences, if applicable.