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PlayStation Network Will be Offline This Monday
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PlayStation Network Will be Offline This Monday

6 hours of downtime, but there's a way to still play online

On Monday, January 27, the PlayStation Network will be down for six hours while Sony performs maintenance. North America will experience the downtime from 12:30pm to 6:30pm ET and in Europe it will be offline from 5:30pm GMT to 11:30pm GMT. 

If this clashes with your online co-op plans, don't worry. As long as you've signed into PSN since January 20, you can still play online games and access apps like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Crackle, etc. PlayStation Home, Account Management, and the PS Store will be down for everyone however, so get any purchases in before it's too late. 

Reading this too late? No need to fret, we've got a slew of couch co-op games to hold you over. 

Source: Ign.com