Firefall to Finally Exit Beta Thanks to Massive Cash Infusion
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Firefall to Finally Exit Beta Thanks to Massive Cash Infusion

From... pearls?

Remember half a decade ago when news of Firefall first started warming our LCD screens? The free-to-play MMO has been quietly evolving over time, all under the protective umbrella of "being in beta". Thanks to a new round of funding, it looks like Firefall is finally going to be a real released game!

Developer Red 5 Studios recently announced it has entered a share purchasing agreement with Shanghai Oriental Pearl Culture Development Co. (no, we didn't make that up) amounting to around $23 million. This cash infusion will allow the team to push forward with development and launch Firefall in earnest sometime later this year.

One of the big selling points for Firefall are the dynamic events that take place throughout the game. A distress beacon goes off, you and your squad can decide to check it out. Or just go shoot some stuff, it's totally your decision. Combat is built around skills that allow team members to specialize in certain areas. If you suck at killing bad guys, you can always be a medic. Team needs a medic!

In lieu of the big release, the next Firefall update will include a new story-based campaign that introduces new characters and unveils some more background info on on the Melding. Even though it's technically an MMO, Firefall offers some nice co-op in the form of five player squads, useful for completing certain missions.

While you're waiting for that gold status to switch on, check out our Firefall Co-Op Impressions article, a piece of writing that is the result of countless Firefall trade show booth encounters.