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Co-Op Love in the Air
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Co-Op Love in the Air

Question: What's better than playing co-op games with your boyfriend or girlfriend?
Answer: Playing co-op games with your husband or wife!

Embedding your proposal in a violent shooter game seems to be a surefire way to get your favorite co-op companion to say, "yes"... It makes sense: what could be more romantic than your initials scrawled in a heart on a safe room wall in Left 4 Dead? Extra points if you place it next to "All infected must die!"

All sarcasm aside, we're happy for any couple that can make it through Dead Air on Advanced, must less A Lifetime Of Marriage on Expert. This article at Hawty McBloggy will make you smile as you read how AJ Smoothplayer modified Left 4 Dead PC and popped the question on his blog. Of course, she said, "yes". In fact, she said, "YES! - on 1/17 OMG I <3 YOU".

Now that our co-op couple has decided to tie the knot, we have to wonder how they're planning the wedding... Can you order flowers on Live Marketplace? Is Rob Zombie available for the reception?

Click the "Read More" link to see more co-op romance (yes, it is safe for work...sheesh)...

The talented and tasteful guys at Ctrl+Alt+Del worked up this beauty to show their love for our 2008 Co-Op Game of the Year...



Friggin' awesome.


And finally: Stephen Totilo from the MTV Multiplayer blog attended the first-ever wedding officiated by...Master Chief.


The bride entered to the “Halo 3″ menu music. The backdrop of the ceremony was a basic recreation of the “Halo” map Ivory Tower. The groom had his “Halo” emblem on his tie; hers was on her dress sleeves. Their wedding favors were made to look like plasma grenades. And instead of being pronounced “man and wife,” Desirai and John were declared “teammates for life.”


Calling themselves "A Match Made in Halo", John and Desirai were given Recon armor by Bungie as a wedding gift, as well as a box full of Halo swag from Microsoft.

Although they are not the couple from the famed Forge proposal, I think they took the cake...the Master Chief helmet cake, that is...


Not the actual wedding cake.


Here you thought that gaming was just for nerds. Absolutely not! Gaming is also for nerds' wives.

Finally if you are looking to find that someone special, perhaps you could use the recently launched Game-4-a-date service.  What is it?  It's like eHarmony for gamers.

See you online!

Source: Hawtymcbloggy.com