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  • Couch Co-Op: 2 Players
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Sumo Couple Co-Op Review
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Sumo Couple Co-Op Review

Say goodbye to couch co-op.

We don't often do reviews for anything but games here at Co-Optimus.  Sure, we cover new game systems when they are released, and the occasional accessory like a headset or keyboard.  When Nick asked me if I'd be interested in doing a review for a bean bag, I was certainly surprised, but definitely interested.  The kind folks at Sumo sent the perfect model for a site dedicated to co-op gaming: the Couple, with room for two.

The Sumo Couple arrived at my door in a large box. I say large, as it was easily half as tall as my ten year old son, but I must admit I was expecting something bigger. My concerns were unfounded; once the Sumo was unboxed, and released from its thick plastic bag, it began to inflate, at an alarming pace. Within moments, the Sumo doubled and doubled again in size, and it would continue to grow (though not as dramatically) for several days.

The Sumo Couple comes in several different colors and two types of fabric. We chose the Fiery Red microsuede, to match the colors of our game room. It matches the blood splatter from a Lancer in Gears of War 3 quite nicely.  Putting the microsuede cover on the Sumo wasn’t the easiest task, and is probably a two person co-op job. It’s a minor inconvenience, and well worth the tradeoff: you can wash the cover to get rid of cookie crumbs, lint, and the other random crud that accumulates on all furniture. The microsuede itself is pleasant to touch, comfortable to sit in, and doesn’t seem to attract dirt like some fabrics do. The texture is a bit “grabby”, so you won’t be sliding off the Sumo when in the thick of a co-op gaming session.

To put it quite simply, the Sumo Couple is enormous. It’s called the Couple because it’s large enough for two people, fairly easily. The Sumo website lists the dimensions as 48” x 48” by 36”, but somehow it seems bigger than that when it’s in your living room. This is a big, serious piece of furniture, and it takes up a good amount of space. I am a large guy, 6’2” tall and 280 lbs., and I can sit comfortably in the Sumo, and my ten year old son still has plenty of room, too. Even a couple Skylanders can fit on there at the same time, easily.

The Sumo is filled with some arcane blend of heavenly ingredients that wraps around you when you sit on it, shaping itself around you, while still retaining a firmness of shape that provides support. It is comfortable in pretty much every position you can imagine. Sitting on it cross-legged, leaning against it, reclining on my side... I sat on the Sumo in all these ways for long periods of time without any issues. If you get up to swap out your Space Marine disc for a relaxing session of Dark Souls, for instance, the Sumo will quickly expand to regular size, whereupon you can smoosh it into a new position for some soul-crushing "fun" in Blight Town. The Sumo never feels deflated or saggy.