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"Dawn of War II" Stopped at GameStop
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"Dawn of War II" Stopped at GameStop


Relic's Dawn of War 2, which just launched a beta and went gold, may have a hard time selling at certain retailers because...well because it looks like they aren't stocking the game.  The 2 player co-op title is set to release on February 19th next month, but retailer Gamestop doesn't appear to be selling it...anymore.  

Kotaku reports the game has been pulled from Gamestop's website and is no longer available for preorder.  The reason?  This is speculative, but it could be due to the game's strong relationship with online digital distribution service Steam.  The game will be sold and is currently under a beta that is only available on service.

You see, the "Stops" are losing money to these new digital distro platforms and they don't like it.  Penny Arcade's Mike"Gabe"  Krahulik told Wired last April that the retailer objected to carrying a boxed version of Penny Arcade Adventures: On The Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness, which was launched on the Greenhouse digital distribution platform.  Sounds like they want to raise the retailer pimp hand.  

Of course this is all speculative at this point, but perhaps if you preordered the game from Gamestop you want to give them a call and find out what's up.  As always, we recommend purchasing from Amazon.com as you'll find lower prices, no taxes and no trade in banter; plus it supports this website!

Source: Kotaku.com