Sunset Overdrive

  • Online Co-Op: 8 Players
  • + Co-Op Modes
Sunset Overdrive Will Feature Online Co-Op
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Sunset Overdrive Will Feature Online Co-Op

Smells like Crackdown meets Tony Hawk

Previews of Insomniac Game's Xbox One exclusive, Sunset Overdrive, hit the internet yesterday. The game is being touted as a cross between Crackdown and Tony Hawk. It puts players in a colorful and crazy world where people overdosed on energy drinks and mutated into insane enemies hellbent on destruction. 

Insomniac, known for their crazy weapons in the Ratchet and Clank series, are bringing that flair to Sunset Overdrive. The Xbox website has a preview of some of the guns at your disposal. In a way this looks to give the game an almost Dead Rising vibe, though the weapons themselves aren't customizable. What you can customize is your character with over 50 abilities that you powerup by performing tricks, grinds, and other jumps throughout the vertical landscape. 

Here's a preview video that should give you a good taste of what Sunset Overdrive is offering.

Ok, so that looks pretty friggin fun. But you know what would make it even more fun? Doing that with a friend or two. There's even a hint of that right at the beginning of the video which was taken from E3 last year. So will we see some sort of co-op gameplay available in Sunset Overdrive? The official twitter account for the game comes to the rescue.

Details are still scarce on exactly what will be available in co-op. That said we'll definitely be taking a look at the game at E3 in about a month's time and hope to report back with details.