More Precious Items and Characters with LEGO The Hobbit DLC
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More Precious Items and Characters with LEGO The Hobbit DLC

Dirty DLCzes

Unlocking characters in LEGO games such as LEGO The Hobbit is one of the most time consuming elements, so how about some DLC that will unlock new characters for you by just paying for the privilege?  Not so sure myself, but check out the three new pieces of DLC anyway.

LEGO The Hobbit has continued the trend of co-op friendly LEGO games that cover almost every platform known to man, beast and/or hobbit.  The new DLC packs don't add co-op elements or even new levels, but will allow you to play as different characters or don new articles of clothing.

Sounds like the old fashioned DLC of paying for horse armor to me, but perhaps one of the following will tickle your fancy:

The Big Little Character Pack – Strike a little fear and terror into the hearts of your foes with Baby Smaug, or enjoy a cameo appearance of Baby Gimli from The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. The LEGO big figure Snow Troll is sure to shake things up and you’ll also have the chance to play as Bandobras “Bullroarer” Took or a Stone Dwarf from Erebor.

The Side Quest Character Pack – Take command of a LEGO big figures River Troll or Girion, the last Lord of Dale. The noble Elk will offer you transport wherever you desire, or you can charge into battle with the fearless Dwarf soldier.

The Battle Pack - Destroy Morgul LEGO with the Shadow Sword, equip yourself with Jeweled Mithril Armor of the finest Dwarven craftsmanship, or activate the Light Orb Shield for the ultimate protection. The Axe Guitar, Orc Cleaver and Orc Bow will make short work of your opponents, while a pair of Lake-town Boots and Smaug’s Feet will keep you adventuring in style! The Buddy-up Gloves allow you to smash through Buddy-up cracks solo, while Smaug’s Headdress and the Dwarf King Wig will ensure your presence is majestic at all times.

Each pack will set you back $1.99/£1.29 and should be available on most platforms now.  I think playing as a baby Smaug sounds like the best value!