AirMech Arena

  • Online Co-Op: 4 Players
  • + Co-Op Modes
AirMech Arena Coming to Xbox Live this Summer
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AirMech Arena Coming to Xbox Live this Summer

A terrifying marriage between dual stick shooter and RTS

Summer is a mere month away, meaning another Xbox Live's Summer of Arcade is sneaking up on us. Of course, we don't know which pick up and play games will be included in the promotion, though an Xbox 360 only release with the release date of "Summer 2014" might give you a hint. Speaking of which: AirMech Arena is dropping this summer for Xbox Live. 

AirMech Arena is a free to play, action-based RTS where you pilot transformable mechs while commanding other units. The mechs morph from various aircraft into their more combat-focused bipedal forms to blast the enemy's base into oblivion.

Take a look at the announcement trailer.

I have never seen a Chinook haul quite that fast.

Alrighty then! AirMech Arena is a gamepad based RTS, which at this point is like saying it's something akin to a human blood powered milkshake machine. However, developer Carbon Game's James Green stated "AirMech Arena was created from the ground up to be the ultimate RTS experience with a gamepad." Admittedly, this looks a great deal more like a MOBA than it does an RTS, or maybe a MOBA with RTS elements. Using a gamepad for something like that might be just dandy.

The game launches with a singleplayer mode, 3v3 versus mode, and a co-operative mode. The versus and co-op modes require players to have an Xbox Live Gold Account, though the standard singleplayer mode is playable with a silver account.