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Sacred 3

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Sacred 3 Release Date Announced; Weapon Spirits Explained
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Sacred 3 Release Date Announced; Weapon Spirits Explained

A talking sword sure would get annoying.

Looks like the long, long development for Sacred 3 is finally coming to an end. It's felt like ages since we had some hands-on lovin' for the game at PAX 2012, and now we'll have a chance to play it for reals. Expect to wrap up your summer hacking and slashing bad dudes all the way across Ancaria. Deep Silver has announced Sacred 3 will drop for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 on August 5th of this year. 

Boom. There you go. Two months from now you could be diving into a horde of fire-breathing devil oxen or whatever, carving your way to victory. That's what you came here for, right? Right.

Oh, there is one last-minute addition to the Sacred 3 equation.

For the first time in the Sacred franchise, you now have access to Weapon Spirits. Take a gander at this trailer highlighting the new feature:

Weapon Spirits are interchangeable augmentations which imbue... well... a spirit into your weapon, granting additional stats or effects. These "spirits" take the form of various characters, some of which are from previous Sacred games. If the trailer is any indication for the quality of their dialogue, hearing them rambling on might wear your patience quite thin. Regardless, it's neat to see them still adding new features, right until the game ships.