Snag the Far Cry 4 "Kyrat Edition" for a Meager $129.99!
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Snag the Far Cry 4 "Kyrat Edition" for a Meager $129.99!

Because somebody out there is the Far Cry Superfan.

Ubisoft has announced a special "Kyrat Edition" for Far Cry 4 available at launch on November 21st. Packed to the brim with Far Cry related swag, the Kyrat Edition comes in at the staggering total of $129.99. Ubisoft must be really proud of their game.

What does $130 get you these days? A plastic figure, a poster, three single player missions, and a travel journal to record your adventures in the wilderness, because you had to sell your house to afford the game.

Okay, for real. Here's what's included:

- Far Cry 4 Limited Edition game
- 3 bonus missions and a harpoon gun
- 7.9 inch figurine of the villain Pagan Min seated on an elephant throne
- 16.5x30 inch Pagan Min propaganda poster
- Travel Journal
- Map of the Himalayan open-world of Kyrat
- Exclusive collector's box

 So, there is a slight difference in the Editions for each region. The EU Region receives the Far Cry 4 Season Pass with the Kyrat Edition, because it helps, slightly, justify the unreasonable price tag. However, the US Version doesn't come with it. That's right: a Ubisoft executive sticks their hand inside every Kyrat Edition box destined for the New World, and yanks that Season Pass code straight out. Then, he sets it on fire. 

If you've got too much money and not enough plastic figures of badguys from video games, the Kyrat Edition is totally for you! If you don't meet both of those requirements, just keep on walkin'.