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New Fortnite Gameplay Video Shows Ways to Defend Skillfully
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New Fortnite Gameplay Video Shows Ways to Defend Skillfully

Bring friends because it's going to be a long night.

One co-op title that we've been keeping an eye on is still in the early stages, but is looking more promising each time we take a glance. Epic Game's Fortnite mixes a bunch of elements together, from survival, action, and third-person shooter to introduce a new way to play a "Horde Mode" type of game. Recently, the developers have presented us with some clips that show us to how to defend ourselves while playing Fornite.

At each game's beginning, players are tasked with collecting raw materials in order to build their structures, defensive traps, and various weaponry. This is all in preparation for the coming battles ahead (initiated manually). This may simply consist of watch towers and or walls, or even more advanced defenses like narrow corridors with giant, impaling floor traps. Players both build together and fight together against the dark enemy called the Storm. During these assaults, it is extremely important to keep up with both fighting off the hordes of enemies, but also repairing structures that receive damage. Without any key structures defending what will remove the Storm from an area (known as Gates), fighting off the enemy becomes that much harder than 4 players can handle through brute force alone.

Those of you who'd like to participate and see how far Fortnite has come, signing up for the alpha is still ongoing through its official website. The game will release only on PC for the time being and will be free-to-play. No release date has been set thus far.