Defiance Silicon Valley Update Live Now
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Defiance Silicon Valley Update Live Now

Explore the new area of Silicon Valley

Defiance, the free-to-play MMO that shares a world with the same-named TV show, has released another content update. Launched yesterday, Silicon Valley adds a new area, new missions, more character slots, and new itemization options. And all for free, of course.

The new area in the Silicon Valley update is, unsurprisingly, Silicon Valley. Accessed through Twin Peaks Station, players will find new enemies to fight: the converted Grid. New missions come along with the new territory, offered by a new NPC faction. The Pilgrims of the Guiding Light have settled in Silicon Valley, setting up temples to worship the Grid. 

On the itemization side of things, a new Encrypted trait has been added as a potential roll on dropped weapons and shields. Encrypted items add a +3% bonus to weapon damage or shield capacity. Since this is a pretty powerful new trait, all pre-existing Legendary items will be updated to include the Encrypted trait. 

Last, on the player side of things, max character slots have been increased to six. These extra character slots can be unlocked in the Bit Store. EGO rating has also been increased to 5900. There is also a whole slew of bug fixes, tweaks, and improvements.

So are any of you guys playing Defiance? What do you think of the new update?