Tropico 5 Adds Saved Games to Multiplayer, Big Cheese DLC
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Tropico 5 Adds Saved Games to Multiplayer, Big Cheese DLC

Better late than never

Like this news story, a patch to add a missing feature to a game is better late than never. Our biggest complaint with Tropico 5's co-op gameplay was the inability to save a game during a session, forcing players into lengthy matches if they wanted to see any significant progress. Now a new patch alongside some fresh DLC has remedied the situation and added more things to do.

Path 1.04 includes a whole bunch of tweaks, fixes and improvements.

Tropico 5 – Update 1.04 features:
  • Multiplayer: Added save/load game feature (matches are saved to all players locally and re-synced upon load)
  • Multiplayer: Fixed issues with determining territory ownership
  • Multiplayer: Fixed some asynchronous game states
  • Fixed issues with some task chains
  • Fixed food consumption modifiers when cancelling Extra Rations edict
  • Fixed issues with rebuilding buildings with upgrades
  • Fixed rare issue causing never ending fires
  • Budget setting is restored for rebuilt buildings
  • Fixed issue with "Send Army" action for protests
  • Fixed a bug resulting in tanks destroying critical buildings they are not attacking
  • Rebalanced cooldowns of Industrialization and Urban Development edicts
  • Disabled radio announcements between campaign missions
  • Democracy constitution mode no longer prevents military coups
  • Coups and Uprisings no longer happen during the Colonial Era
  • Modernization of Coffee and Cotton Plantations, Llama Ranches now restore upgrades correctly
  • Various tweaks and improvements to controller input
  • Depleted deposits display ruin piles to signify that the location is not suitable for construction

 Next up is the "Big Cheese" DLC, which is included free for everyone who pre-ordered and purchased the physical copy. The DLC is made available via the Kalypso launcher. If you don't fall into either of those categories you'll have to pony up $3.99.

Included in ‘The Big Cheese’ DLC:
  • New standalone scenario: ‘The Big Cheese’ - Create and promote an artisan cheese brand
  • New building: The Creamery – Produces cheese from milk!
  • New dynasty avatar accessory: The Chef’s Hat
  • New sandbox map: Arco Iris Beneditas
  • New music track: ‘Eclectro-Hijinx Orchestra – Amiga’

Right now the patch and DLC are only available on the PC. There's no word on when this DLC will be available for the console versions of the game.