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Sumo Omni Reloaded is your Flexible Gaming Chair
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Sumo Omni Reloaded is your Flexible Gaming Chair

Or beach. Or camping. Or lovin.

Sumo is a brand of furniture that's been around now for almost ten years. They are famous for their line of giant bean bag chairs. We've looked at both their Couple and Emperor lineup, and it's easy to see how a giant overstuffed "bean bag" chair could make a nice addition to your gaming room. These aren't the kind of bean bag chairs you'd find in Wal-Mart, they are quality pieces of furniture made with furniture grade stuffing. Today we're looking at their latest product, one of the few that isn't a bag style chair. It's called the Sumo Omni Reloaded and the idea behind it is versatility.

The Omni Reloaded ships in a simple box which weighs about 20 pounds and includes a nice red Sumo bag. Unlike the other Sumo products you can immediately use the Reloaded, folding, unfolding and positioning to your comfort.

The Omni Reloaded offers three adjustment spots, one about two-thirds of the way down the chair, one about one quarter at the bottom and one about one eighth of the way at the top. What this works down to is a knee adjustment, a back adjustment and a head adjustment. Each one of these pivot points offers about six angles of adjustment so it shouldn't be hard to find a seating position that's most comfortable for you. To adjust you simply fold until you hear it click, to reset you need to fold it to extremes and then reset it to flat. I had a few issues adjusting the chair, namely, while adjusting one point another point would end up bending because of how I held it, making it difficult to reset and get things just right. My tip would be - start at one end and adjust each angle in succession.

The material of the chair is the same heavy duty material found on some of the other products Sumo makes. That means it's soft, extremely durable, and spills are easily wiped off. The material on this chair is so durable that some of the uses for the chair include camping, out lawns, and poolside. With the included carrying bag and relatively light weight, I was able to bring this with me outdoors and park it on the lawn. It's definitely more comfortable than your typical plastic lawn or beach chair, so hey - why not?

In terms of gaming I find the chair can get itself into the perfect position with your knees slightly bent, leaning back and the head support slightly pushed forward. Sitting on the floor in my living room I played for an extended period of time in comfort with great support all around. The only awkward time with the chair is getting up out of it, perhaps that's just my middle-aged knees getting the best of me.

The Sumo Omni Reloaded will set you back $249.99 - which for some is sticker shock. I tried to find a comparable product and came up empty, the Reloaded really is a combination of a lot of types of furniture which is it's strong suit. The Omni Reloaded is the perfect chair for college dorms or people with limited space too, since it easily folds up and is out of the way, and the durable material should last through even the heaviest of use. 


The Omni Reloaded in this piece was provided by Sumo for evaluation purposes.