Killing Floor 2

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Meet Killing Floor 2's Specimens; New Spooky Graphics
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Meet Killing Floor 2's Specimens; New Spooky Graphics

Just when you thought they couldn't get any more disgusting.

The original Killing Floor touted itself as a "co-op survival horror," but the scares didn't come from any high tech graphics. Sure, the game released as a retail product way back in 2009, but even by those standards, the visuals weren't exactly blood-curdling. Instead, the "horror" we felt came through the realization that we were surrounded, or when we'd just ran out of ammo as soon as a really mad Flesh Pound showed up. 

Killing Floor 2 aims to make everything just a bit scarier (and of course gorier as well) with some high tech graphics capabilities. 

First up, let's see what kind of polish the sadists down at Tripwire have put on our familiar antagonists.

Yeah, these guys look a lot more gnarly than their predecessors. But really, I want to know what idiot taught these things how to run. 

What makes anything immediately three hundred times scarier? Why, complete and utter darkness, of course! KF2 possesses a destructible lighting system which means a stray M-16 round could land your group of specimen hunters in quite the lightless pickle. Of course, the enemies can trash lights too, so you'll need to step up your game if you want actually keep seeing what you're shooting.

Ready for another round of "meet the gross zombie things"? Alright, here you go.

Looks like someone taught the Stalker kung-fu, because that's what we needed. An invisible, hairless woman who knows martial arts. I hope you people are happy.

In addition to the lighting systems, we've got new physics, textures, and that crazy gore system we talked about last time. Speaking of which: KF2's dismemberment system is sure to spray plenty of blood throughout the walls. And with the new systems in place, that blood (and potentially whatever teeny bits you've blown out of these guys) will stick around through the entire match. Maybe you can even turn a conference room into an avant-garde art piece!

You can check out the full lowdown of Killing Floor 2's graphics system over at GeForce's website.